Welcome to the world’s safest home of free images!

So, you want to use free images, right? Welcome to the world’s safest site to download perfectly free images. Why is my free image bank the safest? In a nutshell: free for life, easy to understand licences and always Model Released. All images in Pixbuster are shot and owned by just one professional Nordic photographer, Juha Tuomi, so there is no hassle in copyrights. All images featuring people posing are professionally Model Released, also for ethical commercial use. That is a very important point when you’re using free images. So you’re covered when using Pixbuster images, no hassle, no surprises!

Feel free to download and use images, even for commercial purposes. We have only one rule: please don’t share any images anywhere downloaded from Pixbuster to a third party; instead: encourage your friends or colleagues to visit here and download images themselves. All credits are more than welcome, just use PixBuster.com as a credit. Thanks!

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Want to collaborate with ME?

You want to collaborate with me? Hey, I’m all for it! The more the merrier! Just contact me with appropriate details and I will be in contact. We only recommend products or services I personally or my close colleagues have tested or use.

Send inquiries to teampixbuster(at)gmail.com


I love gadgets and all sorts of equipment no matter is it used indoor or outdoor. The idea is that You can send your product to us, and we will use it in our shots of lifestyle photos and post professionally shot images on the website for everyone to download – that way your product will be seen by the world in unprecedented numbers and at the same time You help us to prop our photos with modern equipment! That is very affordable way to get product shots and publicity. I accept bartering especially if the product or service is something I can use in my work or everyday life. Just send me an email and lets start design a campaign for you.

Send inquiries to teampixbuster(at)gmail.com

Photographer and graphic designer Juha Tuomi, Founder of Pixbuster.com