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There are several popular image categories that people tend to use for different purposes. We at Pixbuster try to offer wide selection of most categories. Some of the most common image categories include:

People: Images of people, including portraits, group shots, and candid photos.

Nature: Images of the natural world, including landscapes, plants, and animals.

Food and Drink: Images of food and beverages, including dishes, ingredients, and restaurant settings.

Travel: Images of travel destinations, including cityscapes, landmarks, and natural scenery.

Business: Images of work-related activities, including office environments, technology, and team collaboration.

Sports and Fitness: Images of sports and fitness-related activities, including athletes, workout routines, and sports equipment.

Fashion: Images of clothing, accessories, and fashion-related events.

Art and Design: Images of artwork, architecture, and design-related elements.

Abstract: Images of abstract shapes, colors, and patterns.

Technology: Images of electronic devices, gadgets, and technology-related concepts.

These categories are not exhaustive, and there are many other types of images that people use for different purposes, depending on their needs and interests. If you don’t find what you’re looking for you are more than welcome to send us ideas and content suggestions to [email protected].