There ain't no such thing as a free lunch

Fortunately, there are free images available, even for commercial use. However, it must be acknowledged that developing, maintaining, and sharing images and content incurs costs. When I began the Pixbuster project, I had no idea that it would require thousands of dollars to get it up and running. While I did encounter difficulties with selecting partners from Upwork, setbacks are not uncommon in the world of IT projects. As you know, news sites report such occurrences every year.

My goal is to continue offering Pixbuster for free, but I dream that one day I will be able to fund its development and updates solely through advertising revenue and donations. I understand that many advertisements can be distracting, but it is one possible way for Pixbuster to keep going in the future. For now, I have registered with Ko-fi, a platform similar to Patreon, as a simple and secure way for supporters to contribute directly to Pixbuster’s development and growth. I promise that all donations will be used solely for the development and building of Pixbuster. Not a dime will be spent on beer – pinky promise!

Please, if you will...

Thank You!

Photographer and graphic designer Juha Tuomi, Founder of
Skin in the game
I have skin in the game, as they say, since I am featured in many of the photos on Pixbuster.