15 Free Image Banks to Use In 2023 | With 3 Special picks

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Whether you are an amateur photographer, digital blogger, or an up-rising social media manager, finding good copyright-free images can sometimes be exhausting.

With human brains processing photos 60,000 times faster than text, good photos are critical for capturing attention and conveying your message. High-quality images add a personal touch and improve the quality of your content. But what if you lack sufficient visual content? This is where a free image bank comes to your aid.

It is a database of images or photographs that can be obtained, viewed, or downloaded as needed. It’s far more secure than simply copying images from Google or someone else content. Sometimes, you’ll have to pay a one-time payment to get the rights to reproduce the image, and you can then utilize it as many times as you want.

Finding free high-resolution image banks can be a difficult task. Fortunately, there are many websites with beautiful stock photography all over the Internet. We’ve compiled a list of the top 15 free image banks for personal and business users to save you time and energy.

Here are our 15 best free images banks that you use. The first three might actually surprise you

1. Pixbuster.com

free image bank Pixbuster.com

Pixbuster is the world’s most secure website for downloading free images for your webpage, blog, or commercial ad. In short, it is free for life, have simple licenses, and is always model released.

All images in Pixbuster are shot and owned by a single professional photographer, so there are no copyright issues in people shots.


  • They have an exclusive collection not available in any other free image bank.
  • All images are suitable for commercial or personal use.
  • All content is entirely free and requires no registration or login.
  • It is completely simple and straightforward.

2. Kaboompics

Kaboompics is a free image provider suitable for commercial and personal projects. This website allows you to select from hundreds of images free of charge, even for commercial use.

Aside from the enhanced search features, the site is pretty simple, which makes it very easy to use. There aren’t as many bells, whistles, or flashing advertisements as on other stock photo sites, which facilitates searching and downloading.


  • The only free stock photo website lets you filter stock photo search results by color scheme.
  • Its diversified library is the outcome of its one-woman-show operational structure, which means that one same photographer creates each image.
  • The information for each picture appears along with it.

3. Gratisography

Gratisography is another free stock photo site that has figured out how to distinguish itself from the crowd. Concentrating on distinctive, individualistic, and arresting photography is gaining a reputation for being one of the most inventive image collections.

With an assortment of even more than 800+ great quality free-to-use stock images, Gratisography is a must-visit site for all the creators out there.


  • You can change or edit the images and get compensated for the work. It includes ad campaigns and adding your logo or text to an image, website, or blog.
  • Every week, new images get added to the collection.
  • Not only can you download images, but you can also get free vector files with EPS extensions.

4. Pixabay

Pixabay is a simple and user-friendly free stock photo tool. It is currently one of the most popular free image platforms around the globe, with over 1.6 million photos and videos available.

It has excellent design and toolkits that assist you in choosing the right image and save effort and time. It is simple to use the platform. Go to Pixabay.com and type in whether you’re looking for images, vectors, or videos.


  • It makes it simple to find images and videos. You can specify whether you want to see all images or only snapshots, vectors, or illustrations.
  • It does not require you to sign up to download files, making it very simple. You can get it from the website.
  • It also gives the option of “camera search,” which enables users to browse images based on the camera used to capture them.

5. Pexels

Pexels is a free video and image library that assists creative people in bringing their ideas and stories to life. Millions of people worldwide rely on their community of photographers for fresh, authentic, and diverse imagery. 

It is a royalty-free stock-media platform owned by Canva, a popular graphic design tool. It has an extensive library of professional photo stills and video clips that anyone with internet access and a little technical expertise can access for free.


  • You can promote your product by creating unique ads, banners, and marketing campaigns using photos from Pexels.
  • Pexels’ photos and videos are free to use.
  • It is not necessary to attribute.

6. Unsplash

Unsplash is a community of over a hundred thousand photographers who freely share their high-resolution content with the world. Even more impressive is that their photo library has received over 1.5 million photo impressions.

It is as simple as typing a keyword into the search bar and pressing ‘Enter.’ Within milliseconds, you’ll have access to hundreds to tens of thousands of compiled images.


  • It has its own license, allowing you to use the images for free.
  • Any of the images are useable for marketing or creative purposes.
  • They are suitable for commercial, personal, and even editorial use.

7. Stockvault

Stockvault is among the most highly regarded source materials for free stock photography. It has a wide following of both resourceful designers looking to save money and resourceful photographers looking to make money.

You do not need to register to download photos. However, a member account grants you access to additional features such as saving photos, commenting on photos, and emailing photos with a single click.


  • Their image library contains over 130,000 free stock images, and their contributor base includes 100,000 skilled artists and content creators.
  • Their extensive tutorial section includes material for both creators and photographers.
  • You can get a deal on stock images and graphic design bundles.

8. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a global leader in providing high-quality, licensed photographs, vectors, illustrations, video files, and music to businesses, advertising companies, and media organizations worldwide.

Thanks to its thriving community of over 1 million contributors, it adds tens of thousands of creative assets each week and currently has over 330 million images.


  • This service is available in over 150 countries and 20 languages.
  • The Shutterstock Blog is great for looking for content based on themes and concepts.

9.   Getty Images

Getty Images has a collection of over 200 million assets and provides stock images, editorial photography, video, and music.

Every file you download from Getty Images includes a license that allows you to use your picture, illustration, or clip for specific purposes for a set period, depending on the license type.


  • Over 70 million photos are available for use on any non-commercial website.
  • They also offer millions of royalty-free music files and audio effects for the same cost, no matter the duration and size of the file.

10. Adobe Stock Free Collection

The Adobe stock-free collection includes free pictures, vectors, drawings, videos, design templates, motion graphics templates, and 3D assets.

The content is high quality, and the artists get compensation for their work. There’s a great selection of filtration to help you find the perfect stock photo, and you can even publish an existing image to find similar images.


  • It offers over 70,000 free stock photos, videos, and templates.
  • Adobe’s standard license terms cover the majority of photographs.

11. Reshot

Reshot is a community with a purpose rather than just a simple stock photo library. They hope to provide a platform for emerging photographers to exchange their innovations with those in need.

Its compiled image packs are perhaps its most distinguishing feature at the moment. You can download organized image collections that can be saved to your hard drive and used whenever you want them. It is unquestionably more convenient than downloading the images one at a time.


  • Their carefully curated collections are extensive, beautiful, and completely free.
  • It has collaborated with several new photographer-contributors providing them fresh stock daily.

12. Flickr

Flickr is another popular online photo-sharing site where you can upload videos and pictures. It is a picture and video-hosting platform based in the United States with some advanced and powerful features.

Though Flickr isn’t at the pinnacle of its popularity right now, the platform has more than 60 million monthly active users worldwide.


  • Flickr displays your publicly available uploaded photos in the Photostream section.
  • On this website, you can connect with other photographers and content creators.

13. Picjumbo

Picjumbo allows you to download high-resolution free stock images, backgrounds, and visuals for your blog posts, web design features, keynotes, or iPhone screensavers.

A clean website with a front-page dark mode button makes it the type of stock image provider you’ll want to return to again and again.


  • A massive collection of unrestricted, ultra-HD stock photography is available.
  • Images are searchable by category or tag.
  • Picjumbo allows you to search for fonts, icons, and UI kits.

14. iStockphoto

iStockphoto is one of the oldest image banks on the Internet, offering stock photos, videos, audio files, and visual representations.

There are royalty-free media and design elements available.


  • It is one of the most loved platforms for artists, designers, and camera operators worldwide to create, work, and learn.
  • It is a photo bank that will not disappoint you and help you grow as a specialist.

15. Life Of Pix

Life Of Pix offers a images containing people photos to natural landscapes and abstract images perfect for backgrounds. No special mention are people photos model released but they mention that “Free high-resolution photos, no copyrights restrictions for personal and commercial use. New photographies added weekly! All images are donated to the public domain.”


As you can see, an increasing number of fantastic free image banks are available these days. These websites have proven to be a boon to designers, marketers, and bloggers.

Our first 3 picks are Pixbuster, kaboompics, and Gratisography. This is because these are single-person owned, and all the possible earnings directly go to the creator rather than their competitors that are backed by big companies and keep earnings to themselves instead of sharing it with the photographers and artists.

However, we recommend focusing on the most appealing site and browsing the scope of free images available until you discover something that appeals to you.


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