7 Reasons Why Online Video Editors Are Better Than Software

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Online Video Editor

Are you new to creating video content? Do you want to increase the editing quality of your video? Can’t decide whether to use paid video editing software or a online video editor? Then this article is perfect for you.

With more organizations adopting video marketing to promote their goods, services, and blogs, it’s evident that video content is a crucial component of a successful business strategy. Entrepreneurs and other small business owners constantly seek new media to communicate their material with a broad audience. Video is one of the most effective methods to reach many people at once.

Video editing is perhaps the most crucial aspect of post-production. As a video editor, you have to edit and combine moving pictures on media and synchronize soundtracks with these visuals into a final output. If you can’t effortlessly blend your shots or get your cut to reach the appropriate frame, your video will look messy and unpleasant.

If you’re still debating using an online editor or downloading desktop-based video editing software such as Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, or Pinnacle, then continue reading the article.

Reasons to Use Online Video Editors

Film making is no longer challenging, thanks to the abundance of video editing software and tools available online. There is a variety of free video editing tools available that may assist you in producing high-quality videos in a matter of minutes.

The free program will provide you with all the necessary tools to do the task correctly. You can edit, crop, add music, filters, and audio, and even merge files using these tools. Here are the reasons why you might find an online video editor a better option for your videos.

1. Collaboration is Easy

Collaboration is a difficult job with traditional video editors. Suppose multiple individuals are working on a project. In that case, they must take turns using the same computer or devise a file-sharing method. It will ensure that whoever is working on the movie is working from the most recent version.

Multiple contributors can connect to the same project, submit movies from their file provider, examine the most recent version, and modify their device using an online video editor.

There is no need to send video files back and forth. There are no compatibility difficulties when colleagues use different operating systems.

2. Easy to Use

The most incredible thing about online video editing software is how simple it is to use it. There are several decent video editing platforms available on the internet. These tools are designed for folks who have never worked with video editing software before.

They offer a virtual user interface that anyone who wants to edit films online can understand. They provide fundamental tools for quickly making professional-looking films. You may capture, cut, adjust the clip sequence, color-correct, record voice-overs, and apply color filters and text overlays with a single click.

They also provide a variety of graphic effects and a plethora of valuable tools to assist you in effortlessly editing your movies.

3. Updates

All software, even free online video editing software, need upgrades. These programs receive free updates that improve their usability.

These updates are released regularly, and the user is notified every time. They introduce new features and safety requirements to software, making it easier and safer to use. They also often upgrade with new features or tools to improve the user’s experience.

New professionally designed templates are also added regularly. If they introduce a new aspect ratio suited for a brand-new social networking platform, it’s available right away.

4. Cloud Storage

Cloud-based video editing involves uploading your source media files to a cloud service before editing and encoding them in your browser. The actual editing is done on machines provided by the cloud service, allowing you to work from a laptop or low-powered PC.

Because online video editors operate in the cloud, any video files you utilize with them are likewise stored in the cloud. Since these files are big, this might be an excellent alternative to keeping them all on your local disc.

While you can pay for cloud storage with a different provider and back up all of your music and video files, it comes at an additional fee and requires a few extra steps.

5. Multi-OS Compatible

Since an online video editor runs in a web browser, it may work on various operating systems with considerable ease. They often do not have device-based limitations, and users may quickly produce and amend essential reports.

They provide the same experience whether you run them on a Windows PC, Mac, Linux, or even a Chromebook.

What is noteworthy is that the display performance is not influenced by the operating system or deep system-level optimizations, as with desktop solutions.

6. Easily Accessible

The best part about online editing tools is that they can be used anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

Usually, editing videos on a pc means limiting yourself to a single machine. Some desktop video editors provide collaborative capabilities and cloud storage options. However, you and all of your partners must install the program on every device used for the project.

Compared to that, the ability to work on films from any PC with an internet connection is quite appealing and time-saving.

7. Add-Ons

Most of the video editors accessible online include numerous add-ons that improve the user experience. These add new features to improve the user experience.

They are designed in such a manner that they enhance the user’s experience by introducing additional tools or improving the general usability of the

They are carried out by either the developer that designed the program or by third-party users known as mods. They are often updated and simple to download.

Free Online Video Editor

WeVideo is powerful yet simple and fast to use and edit your videos online.


A genuine online video editor is driven by cutting-edge cloud-based services, which opens up a whole new field for the application. WeVideo is cloud-first software that transforms and exports to greater levels, accelerating both processes to astonishing speeds. For example, transferring any video up to 1 hour requires only 1-minute using WeVideo.

To get right to the point, an online video editor like WeVideo immediately assists you by enabling you to edit video even on a low-functioning computer or on a small and lightweight laptop with little to no influence on battery life. Furthermore, because all heavyweight processing has been removed from your computer, you may continue to use it while rendering or transcoding. If you’ve ever tried video editing before, you’ll know that this step may cause your computer to be nearly worthless for the entirety of the operation.

The lack of an export queue is another significant benefit that WeVideo offers over other online video editors. It means that your footage is sent right to processing from the moment you click “Export.” It will be available in under a minute, unlike other programs, which can keep you waiting for hours in their exporting queues.

WeVideo has FREE version for testing. To be honest it is very limited and if you really want to kick your videos out with powerful features you have to go to paid version. What I like in the paid Professional version is that comes with collection of over 1 million stock footage, photos and music tracks you can use in your videos. That helps a lot when you don’t have a lot content taken by yourself.

WeVideo is excellent Online Video Editor
Check out the latest prices and features on WeVideo site. Click the Image.

Installable Video Editing Software

DaVinci Resolve is real industry standard as they claim that it is “Hollywood’s #1 Post Solution”.

DaVinci Resolve

Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve 17 is the most feature-rich editing application for the least amount of money. Although it is professional-level video editing software, it has long been a favorite among ambitious amateurs. That’s due to its powerful free version and simplicity of use. It is the only program that combines video editing, computer animation, color coding, and audio creation into a single application

Unlike many programs, where work is done on a single screen with all choices shown, Resolve is divided into different ‘pages’ that provide a specific set of tools for each operation. The Media page is where you manage your clips. The fusion page is for visual effects and computer animation. Whereas the Fairlight page is for enhanced audio, Deliver is where you export your final work.

Resolve’s standard edition is free, which is unusual for such comprehensive software, and it covers most of the essential functions. DaVinci Resolve Studio 17 is also available as a premium edition. This version includes a neural engine, Dolby Vision audio tools, support for multiple GPUs, and enhanced noise reduction.


Shotcut is a free and open-source video editing program for Linux, Mac, and Windows. As such, it may be of interest to users who prefer not to be reliant on large software firms. This application may be used for high resolutions like 4K, and it has a broad formatting supper, indicating its supremacy. 

The program looks basic, yet it conceals a complicated set of functions. All instructions are shown on the screen and numerous menus and tools above the timeline. The numerous panels may be adjusted or even made to seem like floating windows. More panels can be brought to the fore to display even more information on the screen at once.

Furthermore, it has a native timeline editing procedure, eliminating the need to import a video initially. After adding all of the clips, editing them, and applying all of the effects, filters, and transitions, it’s time to export the movie. There are several export choices for the same. There are other built-in presets, such as YouTube, H.264, DVD, and so forth.

Final Thoughts                                                    

If you don’t handle the entire editing process, video processing may be challenging and unpleasant. If you want to get practical outcomes, you must use high-quality editing tools.

Online video editors allow you to edit and publish videos quickly without the need of UpToDate computer. To edit video online, these editors do not require any installation. Users may easily access them from anywhere in the world.

They are easy to use and Multi-OS compatible. They also provide online cloud storage as a backup for videos and movies.

I highly recommend to test online video editors if you want to streamline your editing and don’t need special features only industry standard softwares can provide.

WeVideo is my recommendation and excellent choice to test online video editing.


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